Eastern Visayas Regional Medical Center is a government tertiary and training hospital that provides comprehensive health care services for the people of Region VIII. As such, it is equipped with all the services required for a Level III capacity hospital and more. It boasts to be the oldest government health care facility in Region VIII and one of the two Department of Health (DOH) retained facilities under the DOH Regional Health Office. The hospital serves as the end referral hospital of the DOH Service Delivery Network (SDN) as well as the region’s designated teaching-training hospital.


EVRMC provides a variety of healthcare services encompassing the whole spectrum of care. Under its clinical services, the medical center has departmentalized clinical services and units, several specialized areas, and a corresponding out-patient department for each clinical department. It’s also equipped with ancillary services, a Public Health Department and a Health Emergency Management Service Department. Its four most active departments are the Department of Pediatrics, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Department of Internal Medicine, and the Department of Surgery, with annual admission rates of 5,519; 5,538; 6,811, and 4,321 respectively in 2017 alone. Additionally, the hospital also began the conception of the specialty care centers last 2017.

  • Departmentalized Clinical Services

    The following are the clinical departments under EVRMC’s medical department;

    • Department of Anesthesiology
    • Department of Dental Medicine
    • Department of ENT-HNS
    • Department of Family Medicine
    • Department of Internal Medicine
    • Department of Neuro-Surgery
    • Department of OB-Gyne
    • Department of Ophthalmology
    • Department of Emergency Medicine
    • Department of Orthopedics
    • Department of Pathology
    • Department of Pediatrics
    • Department of Psychiatry
    • Department of Radiology
    • Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Department of Surgery

    Patients can rest easy at the hands of trained generalist, specialists, and sub-specialists from accredited residency programs.

  • Outpatient Services

    Clinical departments maintain out-patient clinics alongside regular operations at the Out-Patient Building. Patients can avail of the various consultation services for free while certain tests require the application of MSS Classification. Ambulatory surgical clinics are also available for outpatients.

  • Ancillary and Support Services

    The hospital offers radiology services such as routine X-ray examination, Fluoroscopy, and other special procedures like Barium Enema, VCIS, Esophagogram, Cholangiogram, IVP, Colonogram, and VCUG. Ultrasound services are also available such as routine ultrasound services, special ultrasound procedures, and Ultrasound Guided Biopsy. The hospital also offers CT-Scan Services, MRI services, and Electrocardiogram (ECG).

    1. Radiology Services
      1. Routine X-Ray Examination
      2. Special Procedures
        1. Barium Enema
        2. VCIS
        3. Esophagogram
        4. Cholangiogram
        5. IVP
        6. Colonogram
        7. VCUG
        8. Mammogram
    2. Ultrasound Services
      1. Routine Ultrasound Services
      2. Special Ultrasound Procedures
      3. Ultrasound Guide Biopsy
    3. CT-Scan Services
    4. MRI
    5. Electocardiogram (ECG)
    6. Endoscopy
    7. Hearing Screening
    8. Electroencephalogram (EEG)
    9. Laparoscopy
    10. Colposcopy
    11. 2D Echo
    12. Bronchoscopy
    13. Hemodialysis
    14. Laboratory Services
      1. Anatomic Pathology
        1. Histopathology
        2. Exfoliative Cytology
        3. Fine Needle Aspiration
      2. Clinical Pathology
        1. Clinical Chemistry
        2. Hematology
        3. Clinical Microscopy
        4. Microbiology
        5. Serology
        6. Drug Test
        7. Immunochemistry (Tumor Markers)
  • Special Units

    In addition to the departmental clinical services, the hospital also has special units that cater to specific patient needs not found in the aforementioned clinical departments.

    • Regional Blood Bank
    • Hospice Pallative and Supportive Care Clinic
    • Wound Care Unit
    • Poison Control Center
    • CDC for Autism and Development Delays
    • Women and Child Protection Unit
    • Clinical Unit for Research Ethics and Epidemiology
    • Smoking Cessation Clinic
    • Endoscopy Unit
    • Ear Unit
    • Cardiology Unit
    • Newborn Screening Continuity Follow up Clinic
    • Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
    • Human Milk Bank
    • Hemodialysis Unit
    • TB Dots Unit
    • Animal Bite Center
    • Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI)
    • Family Planning Unit
    • Cancer Screening and Surveillance Units
    • Pediatric Intensive Care Unit
    • Industrial Clinic Services
    • Child Development Center
    • Gerontology and Geriatric Clinic
  • Specialty Care Centers

    In 2017, a Department Order draft was sent to the hospital in order to build various specialty care centers. As such, the hospital began the conception and planning of fifteen (15) identified specialty care centers listed below. The specialty centers are currently in the planning phase.

    • Cardiac Care Center
    • Stroke Center
    • Renal Specialty Care Center
    • Biomarine Poisoning and Toxicology Center
    • Cancer Center
    • Diagnostics and Research
    • Tropical Infectious Disease
    • Dermatology
    • Trauma Center
    • Psychiatry
    • Geriatric and Diabetes Center
    • Reproductive Health and Neonatal Center
    • Training and Public Health Center
    • Disaster Risk Reduction
    • Eye Center