• Service Delivery Network
  • Health Education and Promotion Program
  • Philippine Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response
  • Smoking Cessation Program
  • Hospital Hotline
  • Newborn Continuity of Care
  • National Immunization Program
  • Rabies Prevention and Control Program
  • National Tuberculosis Program
  • HIV/AIDS Control Program
  • Integrated Health Facility Enhancement and Development Program

EVRMC frequently partners with various public and private sectors to implement programs that are aimed to promote healthcare. EVRMC recently established the Public Health Unit which handles projects that aim to bridge the gap between public health concerns and the hospital health system through coordinating with various local government units and public health programs.

One of the main services of the Public Health Department is the Service Delivery Network. It was created to ensure that all clients will have access to different levels of care through the establishment of a referral system where patients receive care across different health networks in a systematic way. Services are delivered by networks that are;

  1. fully functional,
  2. compliant with clinical practice guidelines,
  3. available 24/7 & even during disasters,
  4. practicing gatekeeping,
  5. located close to the people, and
  6. enhance by telemedicine