PENRO Special Order

PSO-2018-041Assignment of Some Personnel as Representative in IAC exclusively for Enhanced-NGP 2018/03/28Download
PSO-2018-040Creation of Bids and Awards Committee for the Disposal of Confiscated Forest Products of CENRO San Jose, Occidental Mindoro2018/04/06Download
PSO-2018-039One-Day Orientation/Seminar on National and International Policies governing Ivory and Wildlife Trade scheduled on April 26, 2018 in San Jose, Occidental Mindoro2018/04/03Download
PSO-2018-038Conduct of Training on "Markmanship" Gun Handling and Safety in DENR Occidental Mindoro2018/03/14Download
PSO-2018-037Designation of Chief, TSD as In-Charge of Office of the PENRO2018/03/28Download
PSO-2018-036Reassignment of FR Lilibeth Ariola from Protected Area Office, MIBNP to Protected Area Office, MCWS2018/02/28Download
PSO-2018-035Re-Assignment of Some Personnel in DENR Occidental Mindoro2018/02/28Download
PSO-2018-034Conduct of Seminar on Magna Carta of Women for the Celebration of Women's Month2018/03/22Download
PSO-2018-033Addendum on FDU and Executive Committee Meeting2018/03/22Download
PSO-2018-032Authorizing the Conduct of 1st Quarter Full Time Delivery and Executive Committee Meeting2018/03/21Download
PSO-2018-031Designation of Forester I Jomar Serquina as Chief, Enforcement Unit2018/02/27Download
PSO-2018-030Designation of Chief, MSD Caesar E. Quebec as In-Charge of Office of the PENRO2018/03/16Download
PSO-2018-029Re-constitution of Post-Inspection Team for the supplies and materials, Infrastructure and Consultancy in DENR Occidental Mindoro2018/03/15Download
PSO-2018-028Re-constitution of Property, Plant and Equipment Inventory and Disposal Committee 2018/03/15Download
PSO-2018-027Designation of Planning Officer III Arlene Francisco as In-Charge of Office of the PENRO2018/03/09Download
PSO-2018-026Assignment of Officers of the Week for the entire month of March 20182018/03/05Download
PSO-2018-025Creation of Technical Working Group on the Formulation of Foreshore Management Plan2018/03/02Download
PSO-2018-024Designation of Supervising ECOMS Hilaria Villaflores as Provicial NGP Coordinator2018/02/28Download
PSO-2018-023Designation of Chief, Management Services Division as In-Charge of Office of the PENRO2018/03/02Download
PSO-2018-021Designation of LMO III Ireneo Cortuna as Chief, Regulation and Enforcement Section2018/02/27Download
PSO-2018-020Creation of PENRO Investigation Team for the 8888 Hotline Complaints and other concerns needing intervention by the PENRO2018/02/23Download
PSO-2018-019Creation of PENRO Monitoring Team for the Assessment of Certificate of Stewardship Contract within the Province of Occidental Mindoro2018/02/21Download
PSO-2018-018Conduct of Capacity Building for the Field Pesonnel on the Protection of Forest and Plantations for Biodiversity Conservation2018/02/19Download
PSO-2018-017Conduct of Seminar on Magna Carta for Women on March 26-28, 20182018/02/20Download
PSO-2018-016Learning Event on Wildlife Identification cum BMS Refresher Course for Mount Calavite Wildlife Sanctuary, Paluan, Occidental Mindoro2018/02/01Download
PSO-2018-015Re-constitution of Provincial Bids and Awards Committee2018/02/12Download
PSO-2018-014Learning Event on Procurement Workflow, Contract Implementation and Preparation of Bidding Documents2018/02/13Download
PSO-2018-013Designation of Chief, TSD Ernesto Tanada as In-Charge of Office of the PENRO2018/02/15Download
PSO-2018-012Assignment of Some PENRO personnel as representative in IAC exclusively for enhanced-NGP2018/02/08Download
PSO-2018-007Designation of Forester III Emiliza Calabio as In-Charge of Office of the PENRO2018/01/18Download
PSO-2018-010Assignment of Officer of the Week for the month of February 20182018/02/02Download
PSO-2018-009Designation of FR Leo Angelo Navarro as Supply and Property Officer of TCP2018/01/19Download
PSO-2018-008Designation of Chief, TSD Ernesto E. Tanada as In-Charge of Office of the PENRO2018/01/26Download
PSO-2018-006Learning Event on Forest Fire Prevention and Management on January 25 and February 1, 2018 2018/01/15Download
PSO-2018-005Designation of Chief, TSD Ernesto E. Tanada as In-Charge of Office of the PENRO2018/01/15Download
PSO-2018-003Assignment of Officer of the Week for the Month of January 20182018/01/08Download
PSO-2018-001Designation of Planning Officer III Arlene Francisco as In-Charge of Office of the PENRO2018/01/05Download